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Groupes polonais cherchent dates Oct-Nov

Posté : 29 juil. 2018 19:38
par meluzine
Yeap, je transmets le mail, si vous êtes intéressé.es, je vous envoi le mail en MP.

I am looking for concerts in France for
my 2 bands:
False Act -
Slug Abuse -

There are still 2 dates to book:

29.10 Paris (booked)
30.10 Nantes (booked)
01.11-06.11 Spain
07.11 Marseille (booked)

Is there any chance for you to help us
with the show?

Conditions are:
- vegan food,
- sleeping place for 5 people,
- some money for fuel (doordeal is ok
for us).

We bring whole backline with us.

All best